Remkor Technologies has through continuous investment in its 26 years of existence, become recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of metal-produced products and components. This division of the company mainly focuses on customer-specified products, components, and assemblies.

Some industry sectors in which Remkor Technologies is active include the automotive components and assemblies sector; appliance industry; telecoms equipment, components, and enclosures; electrical enclosures and switchgear components; physical security industry; arms industry; and many more. Services offered include from the initial stages of product conceptualization and design to the fully completed end product. All of our systems and processes are ISO9001:2000 certified, ensuring quality and consistency in any manufactured product.

Computer Aided Design – (CAD):

Remkor has numerous systems dedicated to CAD that are linked to CNC programmable machinery including laser cutting, punching, bending, wire cutting, and others. Remkor also employs a dedicated solid modeling program for product conceptual development and design.

The company employs a team noted for its design and problem-solving abilities, which makes it able to model most metal components, including items as large as the Public Payphone Station.

The use of such software ensures the most efficient use of raw material and the design of products before manufacture.

Tool & Die Manufacture:

All press tools, jigs and fixtures used in the production of customer’s products are manufactured in-house. Remkor has its roots in tool making and has a fully equipped tool room manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures as well as the trained staff necessary to produce such quality items.

Laser Cutting:

Remkor makes use of two laser cutting machines including the Bysprint 3015 and the Byspeed 3015 with a 5.2 kW resonator being the latest available technology in laser cutting.These machines ensure speed, accuracy and quality when cutting sheet metal and other materials.

This allows Remkor the versatility to cut mild steel and stainless steel up to 20mm thick, aluminium up to 8mm thick and a variety of other materials including brass, copper, rubber, wood and plastic.The accuracy of laser cutting allows the company to achieve precise tolerances.


With the installation of the Trumpf Trumatic 5000 Rotation CNC Punching machine, the first in Africa, Remkor has increased its production capability.

The machine’s speed and accuracy gives Remkor the superior advantage of being able to manufacture at lower cost with unsurpassed accuracy.With this technology, repetitive punching of metal products can be done at great speed with a maximum stroke rate of 1200 strokes per minute when punching and 2800 strokes when marking.

It is the high acceleration rate of the Trumatic 5000 R that makes it so exceptionally productive. Machine working range is 2500mm x 1250mm and material up to 6 mm thick can be punched.

Press Brakes:

Remkor makes use of a range of Trumpf and other high-quality CNC press brakes to ensure accurate and efficient bending and fabrication of all metal products.

The range of press brakes at Remkor’s disposal include 2500mm to 3200mm long bending surface and tonnage of up to 130 ton. All press brakes include CNC controls, with the most advanced model being the Trumabend V1300 including 10 axis control.


Remkor operates a comprehensive range of presses, manufacturing the tooling for this in-house. The mechanical presses operate up to 400 tons and the hydraulic presses up to 500 tons. It also has a wide range of NC guillotines with programmable backstop and material stacking capabilities.


Remkor utilises a variety of precision robotic welding machines to facilitate the use of MIG, TIG, and Plasma welding processes.

This range of robotic welding machines provides high-volume products for automotive and other industries. Robotic welding ensures consistency in the strength and quality of the weld.

Remkor also employs a number of highly experienced welding personnel for lower volume production. The company also makes use of fully programmable CNC stud welding equipment, with automatic feeders.

Brushing machine:

Remkor’s unique and versatile in-house universal deburring and brushing machine is able to work off sheeting as thin as 0.5mm, to square and rectangular tubing up to 160mm high, to a width of 1300mm. 

The machine’s programmable control ensures accuracy and consistency on all jobs processed. It is capable of doing both belt abrasive finish, from 50 grit to 400 grit, and scotch-brite finish to the highest standards on the sheeting.

The machine is also used to deburr and if required, brush polish components after laser cutting or CNC punching.

Powder Coating:

Remkor has a full Programmable Logic Control (PLC), 11-stage pre-treatment process at its powder coating facility, along with state-of-the-art coating equipment to ensure the highest quality finish and durability on all powder coated products.

It is designed to easily switch from mild steel stainless steel and aluminium surfaces and finds high use in the automotive and telecom industries. The operation is located at the company’s new modern facilities adjacent to the main manufacturing factory.

Finishing & Assembly:

All finishing and assembly goes through stringent quality control checks in order to maintain the company’s high reputation for consistent and reliable products.